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"My heart is broken over what happened at Butler High School today. I have so many former students there and I'm so sad for them. My heart goes out to the victim, his family and friends. I also feel such heartache for the family of the shooter. My daughter graduated from there and I've met so many amazing teachers there. I can't believe it happened so close to home. #ButlerStrong

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Angela Vaughn Oh no!!!! I went there too :(



Tammy Renee Angela Vaughn It's really a sad day.



Angela Vaughn It sure is



Jim Rousch I was suicidal because of bullies, so I only feel sympathy for the one who was bullied: no jail time. He's already experienced a lifetime of Hell.

None of you understand this angle. 

The administration doesn't care and the teachers refuse to get involved while the mob in the hall encourages the bully's behaviour by laughing, cheering, taunting, or actually taking part in the incident.

That's what I experienced, so I only feel for this poor kid who snapped. I guess you would rather he do himself in, since you're taking the bully's side. 

If that's the case, you might as well vote for Trump because he encourages bullies.



Tammy Renee Macario Canillas A kid shot another kid in the hallway at the high school in my area. I have a lots of former students there because I taught at a middle school that feeds into that school. The list of the sophomore is heartbreaking.



Tammy Renee Jim Rousch I'm going to ask respectfully for you not to post on this. While I did not personally know either kid, many of my former students go there and my daughter and her friends went there.



Tammy Renee Jim Rousch I'm a teacher in this school district and we take bullying very seriously.



Tammy Renee Jim Rousch I cheer for the bull. Jim, this isn't the time. I know kids who know friends of the boy who died. I'm deleting your comments because I don't think this thread is the place for this. I know my former students are devastated and hurting.



Jim Rousch Tammy Renee As someone who still deals with the affects of having been bullied up to the point trying to kill myself, I just shrug my shoulders at this. You would have let me go back in 1983, and I know that from your previously reply.

I still deal with this, sister, and people need to know that there are those like you who don't care about the issue of bullying. No one would have been hurt if you actually cared.


Jim Rousch Tammy Renee Why do you tolerate bullying? These things would never happen if you punished bullies, so of course this is the perfect time to address the effects of bullying. The alternative would have been suicide. But, you're obviously okay with that. 

Sorry, but this was completely preventable. 

The only victim here is the kid who went into survival mode. You never fully recover from being bullied. I may not go out and throw someone out of a 10th story window, but I also don't have to. 

I just sit back with a cup of cocoa or coffee and watch society fall apart-with a smile on my face.


Jim Rousch Tammy Renee I care as much about that as you care about the fact that being bullied in the Church nearly caused me to commit suicide.

I truly don't care, just as you didn't care about that kid who was being bullied. All it takes is ONE FRIEND, and t
his poor boy had no one to help him survive the psychological torture of being bullied every day.

You're out of luck with me because this a natural response you receive from someone who was nearly bullied to death.

I don't care.


Jim Rousch Tammy Renee What about the kid who was bullied everyday? See? You never cared about him.


Jim Rousch All I'm saying is that you need to see things from the correct angle. Look at it from the victim's point of view. He never wanted to shoot anyone. He just wanted to get an education. However, you let this get out of control when you ignored his cries for help, and now you have this to deal with.

This is all your fault. Either be a friend to the friendless or you get events like this.


Addie Alexander I am very, very, sorry Tammy. B(




I It's really disgusting how the members of American society refuse to look in the mirror and take responsibility for the limping wounded whom they they create and it's laughable when they're surprised at the inevitable ending.  School shootings are preventable, but the problem is that parents and school administrators have no concern for kids who are bullied.   They only pretend to care after the victim cracks.