Tuesday, September 4, 2018

I Feel Sorry For Them

As much as I bash religion on here, I have to remember that there a few people who actually try to live out their faith-and that's not easy for me to do, because of what happened to me-and I'm not just referring to what happened to me at Ascension Lutheran Church in Littleton, Colorado when I was broadsided by Clyde Wiggins, no.

I'm referring to the fact that there will be innocent Christians who will suffer due to the actions like those carried out by him.  Some of these people wouldn't hurt anyone, yet they'll be hated because of those who do, and it will all begin to hit the fan when 2 Peter 3:5 is fulfilled.  That will be the moment when people will ask the churches: 'where is this coming He promised us?'

It's going to be especially difficult for them, because they will be confused with those who practice Trumpstianity.  I just had to block someone who continued to harass me right now on Google, and that's not fair to the people who wouldn't jam religion down the throat of someone who has been destroyed by it.

I'm getting better at that, because I would just let it get out of control and I would be the one in trouble.  I don't need that.

Sure, I believe in Jesus Christ, but His Church is a mess full of hypocrites, money grubbers, child molesters, political extremists (Jesus wanted nothing to do with politics), and who knows what else?

The Father isn't just, because those will be the ones who suffer, not the hypocrites who can't leave well enough alone.

What these fools refuse to get through their heads is that no one can believe the Bible until they see a supposed follower try to live out the words.

Gandhi said:
 Image result for I like your Christ
And that's the problem.  Worse yet, they aren't even trying anymore.

Jesus Cadillac_n

That wasn't was Christ rode en route to Jerusalem the Sunday before He got His ass kicked and nailed to a cross.

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