Monday, August 6, 2018

Which Side Do You Like More?

Okay, King Solomon liked women's feet, and we love them-whether we have the balls whether to admit it, or not.  When she walks around the house, the feet of a wife or a girlfriend would make us drive our Dodges straight through a tree.

However, I don't like seeing them in sandals like King Solomon proclaimed in Song of Solomon 7:1.  For me, it's bare-no nylons, no fishnets, and no kidding.

And you chicks, if you want to prevent being alone in your fifties, it's best not to make fun of us or tell us that we're weird.  After all,  my ex-wife refused to point her toes for me, nor would she ever give me a footjob, and she'about to marry someone whom mutuals from high school inform me she can't stand-this is the very guy with whom she had an affair when we were still married.

Exactly, they're one of the main reasons why guys grow their own trees in the first place-and it's the same for anyone who's in the LBGTQ community
For guys who are in heterosexual relationships, the bare feet of a woman are like sculpture, as the  curvaceous soles were designed by a master of engineering (most geniuses are insane, and God the Father is no exception).  Just look at your woman's bare arches, and you will agree.

Her toes, polished or not, are like the Sirens of Greek mythology. as they distract us whenever we guys are trying to do something important-especially when she points those toes.  The shoe-smelling thing I'd rather do without, because even I can't deal with that-and I broke my nose a long time ago.  Yet, I can deal with bare soles that are slightly dirty because there is something very sexy about them when they are a little sinful.

Okay, dudes.  Which one of your woman's feet are the sexier of the two?   My woman's bare left sole is capable of causing me to drive straight into an oak tree.  It's so wonderfully and artistically made-which is why I know that God exists.

It seems that the average size for an American woman ranges between 8 1/2 to 9 (source:  New Scientist published the idea that we find smaller feet more attractive and attempted to demonstrate the point by featuring the face of a particular woman and then computer generating the same head of the same woman to a larger size before the question was asked regarding which woman we found to be more attractive.

Let's just conclude that a woman's heart, mind, and verbiage are of higher priority to me.   That is what makes me want to see her barefoot before anything else.  I've played with everything from South Korean  size 4 to Armenian size 10 to American size 13.  My fiancée's feet are Filipina and size 5, so it's obviously not the size for of a woman's feet that does it for  me, because I don't care.   It's her attitude and the degree of her femininity.   In other words, how can she please my best friend after I've poured lotions and oils on her bare soles?   Does she look into my eyes?  Does she relax me with verbal candy from her vocal chords?
That's the secret!

That's how you do it, ladies, because some of us like your bare feet more than we like your breasts.  

When I was unattached, women who danced "nude" wouldn't spark a reaction from me if they wore pumps or mules.  Conversely, women in ankle-lengthed. Victorian nightgowns  still leaked my milk at 7:30 in the morning because her bare soles drew me back into her swamp for another trip through her heaven.

My fiancée knows what will get her pregnant-and she uses those little goddesses as a tool with which to tempt me.   It's her left sole and the top of her right as far as I'm concerned. And she doesn't mind, because she's happy when I'm happy-and when she knows that I'm happy when she made it happy.

So, dudes, which side causes you to have her slide down the pole more often?  Don't be a pussy about this, because she spends over $30 every time she gets that pedicure  (, and she spends that much to make sure that she has power over your cock.
Call it an investment.

I ask the same question to our friends in the LGBTQ community.
Don't be shy.  I wasn't.  And fuck you, I'm not sharing my Filipina's sexy bare soles with you guys.  Those babies are mine!   If you cats feel the need to slap yours for half hour, I've provided someone who graciously accommodated you and shared her's.   I found this lady on Bing.
You're welcome.

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