Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Shut Up, Lee Greenwood

America was under some kind of strange spell when Lee Greenwood recorded and released God Bless the USA in 1984.  Hey, I was fourteen-years-old that year, and even I knew it was propaganda!

According to Gallup, President Ronald Reagan began 1983 in dangerous territory with only a 35% approval rating.  No problem!  We just wag the dog a couple of times and we're home again-even though the economy sucks donkey dick.

Homelessness began to rise-especially among those with mental illness.  American auto manufacturers were facing their problems, and Harley-Davidson was three days away from closing up shop forever during the early days of the Reagan regime.
The country was in serious trouble and a rallying song was needed-enter Lee Greenwood; a country artist.

Now, to his credit, Greenwood felt a need to write this tune, because he could see the problems the nation faced at the time, and he felt the urgency to write a song which would united the people.  This columnist takes Greenwood at his word regarding his statement-no matter how much the tune sickens him every time he hears the damned thing.

Let's take a close look at the tune, shall we?

Greenwood opens the song with a first-person account of a working man who ponders the thought of going bankrupt and losing everything he owns-which happened at that time.  This was most likely due to either medical emergency or a shut down at the local GM, Ford, American Motors, or Chrysler plant.

The chorus goes into these images of images of American soldiers as they fall in battle of any given war and then he gives the empty statement that there's no doubt that he loves the U.S.A.-even though the guy is now probably sleeping on the street and his fourteen-year-old daughter now has to give blowjobs to cokeheads in the alley so that the family can eat at Burger King.
One strange fact stands out.   Bankruptcies actually declined significantly under President Barack Obama, according to Consumer Reports.

So, here we are again.  Americans are embarrassed by anything which Trump does at any given hour of any day of the week, all of that faux nationalism that he tried to pound into our heads has actually been all for naught.

Americans are a different group of people today than when that tune was released, as most of those who voted for Trump are in their final years.  Most of the older voting population who voted for this charlatan long for the nostalgia that was the Reagan years (no matter how crappy they really were and no matter that they ignore the fact that Ronald Reagan was a traitor) represent-an America that never really was.

Hey, I lived in a barrio back in 1984, so I should know that the whole song was nothing more than an incantation straight from the heart.   Just shut up, Lee Greenwood.

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