Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Our Hope Is Weakening-and You Can Thank The American Baby Boomers

To my readers in Europe, I regret to inform you that our hope is weakening, as all I read from the Facebook liberals is the same whiny nonsense they always spew:


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Michael Flynn Trump 🐒 is so far up Putin’s ass 🇷🇺 he can see Sarah Palin’s 🏡 House.

Sharon Rubeck Swank Such an idiot!

Jim Rousch And your plan is? Please don’t say voting, because Hillary won.

Jim Rousch I honestly think you people don’t know what to do about this dictator, or the United Nations would have him in custody.

Robin Lawton Too many Democrats listened to the political pundits and watched the polls and didn’t bother to vote.Manage

Robin Lawton VOTE 🗳 BLUE!Manage

Jim Rousch Robin Lawton Hillary won by three million votes. Do you understand the words that are being composed from my fingers?

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Jim Rousch Robin Lawton What do you do when they find the ballots in the city dump? I know what to do, but you're too cowardly to do it. Voting doesn't work anymore. Remember that it is known that fascists use fraudulent elections to get into power?

I vote just to shut you cowards up, but I know it's of fucking time.

Robin Lawton Jim Rousch Um. Do you have me confused with someone else? 
I’m a Yellow Dog DEMOCRAT. WTF??
It’s a FACT many Democrats listened to the political pundits and watched the polls, and didn’t bother to vote in the 2016 presidential election. By all accounts HRC was going to be our President. I was SHOCKED 😮 when the election results rolled in.

Jim Rousch Robin Lawton Three million votes, dear. That's how many she won by. The problem is that the Republicans have made sure that democracy no longer works, so you need to get up of your whiny keister, grab something (preferably a blunt object), and hit the streets.

The reason the Alt-Right has us by the balls right now is because people like you don't do jackshit. Me, they stay away from, because they aren't used to dealing with a liberal with a spine.

I love confrontations-especially PHYSICAL confrontations.

We now live in a time in which conservatives hit people with cars, so, I suggest we use the same tactics. My conscience is resting comfortably with a chloroform mask and the tank nearby. You need to stop finding common ground and start kicking ass. 

Why are you a coward with regard to returning like behavior to the enemy? I don't give a damn what colored Democrat you claim to be. We need to start the counterattack. 

Your "resistance" is a joke.

Jim Rousch Robin Lawton Get it through your head that the Republicans rigged it. I am ashamed of you for not being angry enough to do something. I do things every day. I piss a lot of people off and have received death threats from Trumpzis. For all I know, you might just be running around frantically. This is why I have always opposed non-violence; because those who believe in that pathetic tactic have no idea what to do after it inevitably fails.
obin Lawton Jim Rousch Well, Jim. I’ve always had a rule to not piss on a fellow Democrat. Apparently you don’t feel the same.

It appears you need meds; your anger is palatable. You’re not a healthy individual. Get help, dear.

Jim Rousch Robin Lawton You left the disabled behind. I'm more of a Democrat than you will ever be. At least I didn't fall for Sanders' bullcrap like you apparently did.

Robin Lawton Jim RouschRead The me CLOSELY. I have never nor will I ever vote third party. I’m a Yellow Dog Democrat. You might not be familiar with the definition: “The term "yellow dog" derives from the saying, "I'd vote for a yellow dog if he ran on the Democratic ticket.
I’m not a BernieBrat by any means. Still pissed he ran on the Democratic ticket. 🤬

Jim Rousch Robin Lawton Now you talk like a Republican. The problem is that you seem to be too comfortable and don't want to lose anything. Guess what? The Founding Fathers were willing to their lives, honour, and fortunes on the line.

For you to tell me to tell me to get help only reiterates the point that you fear the Republicans, the NRA, and the militias. I hate them too much to even think about it. I also make fun of idiots who believed in "the mission" and returned from the war a complete mess.

Anyone who doubts my patriotism gets slammed and laughed at after they have been injured.

Robin Lawton Jim Rousch JFC- fuck off.

Robin Lawton Adios, asshole.

Jim Rousch Robin Lawton My favorite question that I ask Iraq baby killers is about that poor 12-year-old in Haditha. Remember what our Marines did to her?

For you to go after me shows that you aren't really a Democrat. You would destroy anyone who questioned your patriotism if you were.

Jim Rousch Robin LawtonOh,so you're a Russian troll? Okay.

Jim Rousch No thanks, I already have a girlfriend. See ya, Russian troll.

It's hard to say where American liberalism is going to go from here, thanks to the baby boomers.  Generation X did get somethings right (remember the Los Angeles riots?) and Generation Y is just starting out-and in the correct direction, I might add.  Since they riot more than Generation X did, maybe they can fix what their grandparents screwed up, as the baby boomers are known to be the most selfish generation in American history.

Voting is a joke.  I just do it to cross it off the list.  Just remember that Hillary Clinton won the 2016 Presidential election, but we got stuck with Trumpler (the columnist is comparing Trump's name to Hitler's because he has displaced millions of people due to their race).
In the end, notice that none of these people have any real plan to fight the bastard.  Facebook is like Alcoholic Anonymous for Facebook liberals, where they can just share their fears and complain.  The funny thing comes when they ask what I do about this.  While my efforts may not amount to much, at least I'm not cowering in fear-like they are.

I like to fight.

The problem with amateur Democratic volunteers who whine on Facebook like toddlers is that they really don't know who the enemy is.

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