Wednesday, July 4, 2018

I'm one of the Fewer

According to a report from United Press International, fewer Americans feel 'extremely proud' to be American in the year 2018.

I'm so fucking proud of being American right now at this moment that I am currently dressed in just my underwear and my socks as I type this article. 

If Donald Trump wanted to make this nation ready for attack, he's accomplished his goal-because hardly anyone cares right now.  I hear a few fireworks (which were Benjamin Franklin's idea) breaking the silence, but I see no parties or festivities on my block, which leans conservative politically.

I slept through most of the day and played games on Facebook-which even I have to admit is embarrassing.   I mean, I didn't even feel this way when George W. Bush was in the White House.  Oh, sure, I knew he stole two elections and I knew that his eight years in the Oval Office were a complete farce, but I still felt something.

Ronald Reagan was a traitor to this country through his involvement in the Iran-Contra scandal, and I felt something.  But, it's different today on July 4, 2018.

I missed the drag races at Bandimere Speedway.
I don't care.

I missed the fireworks display.
I don't care, because I'm one of the fewer.

I didn't march in a parade-not even with my fellow Democrats in Douglas County, Colorado.
So, what?  I view parades as a joke anyway.

"Look at me!  Look at me!"
That's all parade participation really is-a cry for help.

Oh, sure.  I had my fill of them when I was a little kid.  I rode on Monte Montana's stagecoach, for one thing.

 It's all different now, as the flag-waving and ultranationalism has gone awry with stupidity.  I rode in my uncle's 1922 Hupmobile.  I did it all.  The problem is that the ultra and unchecked nationalism has reached the point to which people who put Proud to be an American on their Japanese cars while they sing God Bless America and sneer at someone whom they wager to be an undocumented immigrant because he or she has brown skin.

Guess what?  I'm more likely to protect that immigrant (documented or not) than I am any white man, because this country has done nothing but caused me nothing but problems ever since I survived meningitis in 1971.

It's quiet in here, not even the dead mouse is stirring.  Why?  Because I'm one of the fewer who care about this once magical day.  It's not just me, as the article cited in this piece will show you what Donald Trump has done to this country.  We are probably now almost as divided as we were in the 1850s and 1860s, and the 1870s, if you want to learn the honest truth, because the Reconstruction period actually did more damage to this country than did the Civil War itself!  

That's pretty fucking sad, kids.

The reason why the Reconstruction period was worse than the Civil War itself is because of what the bankers from the North did to the Southern farmers, as the number of bankruptcies skyrocketed in the post Civil War South (source:   Worse yet, Southern whites refused to accept the fact that blacks were now free people, so they did what they could to suppress their freedoms, and this continues till this very day in the form of white police officers shooting unarmed blacks in the back, and the like.

Worse, there were families who fought for either side of the war, and many never forgave each other.  There are people long dead from my own family who felt the same bitterness toward one another.

The point is that history has repeated itself in the United States of America.

While people have been screaming at each other about cultural issues (reproductive rights, Hollywood, etc.), the issues of culture and race continue to curse this place.

My new woman is Filipina, and you know what I am just by my last name alone.  Anyone who messes with her had better know how to fly, because I'm sure that a crash landing from forty floors up is going to leave a mark.

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