Sunday, July 1, 2018

Fuck You, Donald Trump

Dictator Donald Trump said Fox News Sunday that his critics 'had just better take it easy'-which goes directly against our First Amendment rights.

The First Amendmendment of the United States Constitution states that we reserve the right to address grievances.  However, this fascist does not believe in the validity of the United States Constitution.  Hence, I have two words for Donald Trump:

Fuck you.

No son of a bitch tells me to take it easy-especially after he stole a presidential election and is eroding constitutional rights.  I'm sorry, but I'm his boss, and not the other way around.  Furthermore, he doesn't even deserve to be in the Oval Office because Hillary Clinton won the election by three million votes.

You know, I wonder how all of the independent voters feel now.  I've heard them say for decades that there's no difference between the Democrats and the Republicans.  Well, this proves just how stupid they are.

Sandernistas are probably the most to blame for this situation, as most refused to vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016 and opted for Jill Stein instead.


If Donald Trump wants to tell me to be careful about my First Amendment rights, he'd better be man enough to say that to my face.

Fuck you, Donald Trump.

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