Sunday, May 6, 2018

Speak Up If You Were Left Behind

Nowadays, we have this ME, TOO movement.  However, I think there needs to be different kind of movement with the same idea.

This would not involve rural morons who voted for Trump because they were in red states where there legistors made sure they never saw any of the benefits of the Obama Revolution, but rather those who have disabilities and have been shut out of opportunities due to prejudice.

I didn't come up with this idea on my own.  Thank the Facebook "liberals" who completely ignore the plight of the least and can't understand why they are such poor representatives of the candidates whom they support.

These people really can't figure out Y from Z.

Here are two examples.

Mike Brown My net worth tripled in the last 10 years, the value of my house doubled, we are looking to buy a new home up on Easy Street. My wife and family have all become sporty feeling and sassy so no complaints from us or any of our friends.Your low expectations and poor outlook are clearly preventing huge successes on your part and holding you back from the lifestyles you and others can only dream of. Get with the program, look the sunny side and take a ride on the happy go lucky express to the land of milk and honey!!Mike Brown Jim Rousch when you make your own bed, you are who gets to sleep in it. You made a statement rather than ask a question. Why do you think I owe people like you anything at all?
Mike Brown Jim Rousch where did I refer to "kids" or "disabilities " and why do you persist in trying to put words in my mouth?

Mike Brown Jim Rousch don't be a bigot when you're wrong.

Jim Rousch Macario Canillas I've yet to read an ounce of support for the developmentally disabled from Mike Brown. He implies that he is too into himself.

Jim Rousch Mike Brown Meningitis at six MONTHS OLD? Yeah, you're a Republican.

Jim Rousch Mike Brown It is YOU who hate the developmentally disabled-or, you would prove me mistaken. You've yet to do that. Until then, I am correct. You are selfish and care nothing about the developmentally disabled. If I should happen to be mistaken, this is the time to clear yourself.

Jim Rousch Mike Brown You have to consider all people. You don't do that. You cast blame. By doing so, you convict yourself.


This is what someone who claims to be a liberal thinks of us who struggle to even find learning opportunities after high school because this society has the preconceived notion that we are unable to perform up to par.

It's quite possible that some people are biogts and don't even realize it, and bigotry against Americans with disabilities in one case in point.

Brown just refused to see his ignorance.  There are a lot of people in America like that.

Jim Rousch Mike Brown

Yeah, you're a bigot. Have fun at your special meeting tonight. Will you be there with Rand Paul? He hates the disabled almost as much as you and Donald Trump do.

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You were left behind, too, weren't you?  Well, you can see that there are a lot of "Americans" who blame you for something God did and for someone business and academia won't give a hand up.

Send me your story so that I can pass it on to those like this bigot.

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