Saturday, May 5, 2018

Parents Have No Business Interfering With Their Adult Children's Romanances

If you were to tell me that I wasn't going to make it to "happily ever after" with this woman with whom I have seen for sixteen weeks, I would have called the Betty Ford Clinic on you.  However, that's exactly what's happened.

This is a very sad departure for both of us, as there are still feelings on both sides-and we both fought tears.

It seems that her mother didn't like what she read from me.  Excuse me, but her daughter is 41-years-old here, okay?  There is no reason to force a break up.  However, if she wants to face her God knowing that she did what she did, then that is between her and God.

I admit I don't have the greatest relationship with God in the world.  However, didn't Jesus say that He came to heal the sick?  If I am sick in the soul, then I should be healed, not cast out.  However, that is between her and God.

Parents don't realize the psychological harm they inflict upon their adult children-let alone small children.  This is why those like me become very hostile toward conservative busybodies.

Feel for this woman, who is probably still fighting tears.  Her little girl hugged me-'nuff said.

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