Tuesday, April 17, 2018

White Hypocrisy

Image may contain: 1 person, text        White people have no right to bitch about immigrants-period.

The English colonials nearly died when they first arrived, because they had no clue of what they were doing.

While Jamestown, Virginia faired decently, the story was different on Plymouth Rock, where colonists were dying on a nearly-daily basis.  This is because they were lousy farmers and could not adapt to the American soil on which they planted crops.  Had it not been for Sqauanto, it's probable that none of us would be here, as the white population would have been nearly wiped out from famine.  However, the gracious natives saved the white man's ass, and they lived to regret it.  This is because Chief Massasoit's son, King Philip, realized how dangerous we were and tried to stop us in 1675.

His war failed, of course.  However, the point is that the Indians have always known that white people were destructive sons of bitches who only cared about what they could steal.
The latest example of this is Standing Rock, where Trump wants to build the Keystone Pipleline right through their land. 
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I don't think so, motherfuckers.  We have no right to treat them the way that we do.  In fact, I honestly believe that the nations should ban together and go to war against the United States government and the Trump regime for their treatment in this matter.

You read me correctly.

This would not be a war to overthrow the American government.  It would be a war to recognize individual sovereignty, and that they are afforded the same equal rights as any "religious" white man claims that he has under the United States Constitution in the 14th Amendment, Section I:

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It doesn't matter if these racists don't like it; that's how it's written.  If any conservative doesn't want to treat everybody equally, then there's the door, you bastard.

By the way, that applies to Dreamers and, if you want to use the pro-life argument, children who were still gestating while their mothers sneaked across in San Ysidro!

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