Saturday, April 7, 2018

Please, No World War III......

I heard at least one jet fighter while I worked on an assignment just a few moments ago.

While I couldn't see the plane (or planes), I know that there are two United States Air Force bases between Douglas County, Colorado and Pueblo County, Colorado.

I looked into the sky and said aloud, "Oh, God.  What has that dumbfuck started now?"

Some of my neighbors also tried to figure from whence the sound originated when I
said to the neighbor on my right, "You know that son of a bitch is trying to start World War III, right?  Hey, I didn't vote for the fucker."

It seems like something is going down, but I have no idea what it is-and I sure as hell know that I'm not going to like it.  With all the crap which has occurred between Russia and Great Britain lately, it's hard to say.  What's more, no one seems to be sure whether the wigged one is either licking Putin's asshole or if he wants to wag the dog so that he can cheat his way into four more years.

Do you know what the truly sad thing about all of this is?  Liberals on Facebook act like they broke a fingernail at the beauty salon. 

Some beg that Robert Mueller can get Trump out of the White House, while others hope for a Democratic president in 2020-of which I am highly skeptical. 

With the way the Republican Party disenfranchises voters and with the way they "lose" ballots, compounded by the fact that the American left wants to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony, it may be safe to guess that no one can pass GO, nor collect $200.

The American left doesn't have the balls to fight hand-to-hand in the street to preserve their own civil liberties.  They just 'hope' that everything turns out for the best, as if to say: "Please, Mr. Trump!  Please don't start World War III!"

Then again, you've read what happens when I chastise them for their cowardice.  These same Hippies get self-absorbed that it's truly sick.  American baby boomers never cared about their children, nor do they care about their grandchildren-they're lying every time they claim the opposite.

Here's the proof:

Millennials Aren't The Problem. The Baby Boomers Are

What the American baby boomers need to do is admit to their sins of going against the Democratic Party and come together with the two younger generations to get this madman out of the White House and into the Big House before he starts World War III.

Do you think the American baby boomer has the balls to do this?

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