Friday, March 23, 2018

If They Were Stupid Enough To Go To Iraq, Treat 'Em Like Crap

The Independent reported of the link between American oil companies and the war in Iraq.

Now, you can speak for yourself, but there are some who will never forgive American suckers for playing GI-Joe because they bought George W. Bush's bullshit-and this columnist is one of them.

Many a time was I told to leave this "free" nation due to my opposition of that quagmire.  I even told two recruiters: "Either you motherfuckers find those weapons of mass destruction we are told exist, or don't even bother coming back.  You read me, assholes?"

That's what happens when someone questions this particular liberal's patriotism.  Another thing which can happen is that there are some liberals who get angry enough as to wish one's son shipped home in a 'fucking box,' as I said to a military mother who told me to leave this country-even though

I had supported the war in Afghanistan.

Now that we only have six years left in our commitment to that hellhole, all we have to do is make fun of the idiots if they go over there-which I do...all the time.

Since no weapons of mass destruction were ever found, if they went to Iraq, we can treat 'em like crap-for wasting our money and damaging our reputation.

Hey, they weren't drafted, so fuck 'em-and you're damn right that I demonstrated against that quagmire.

Hey, at least I didn't kill any civilians in Haditha, right?

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