Saturday, March 31, 2018

I Don't Donate to the Wounded Warrior Dumbfuck Project. My Patriotism Should Never Have Been Questioned During That Quagmire, And They Didn't Find Anything, So....TO HELL WITH THEM!

I Don't Donate to the Wounded Dumbfuck Project

Darlene's birthday fundraiser for Wounded Warrior Project

Fundraiser for Wounded Warrior Project byDarlene Michelle · 

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Thanks to everyone who donated!
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For my birthday this year, I'm asking for donations to Wounded Warrior Project. I've chosen this charity because their mission means a lot to me, and I hope that you'll consider contributing as a way of celebrating with me. Every little bit will help me reach my goal.

Darlene Michelle • March 9, 2018

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I thought it was funny that my ex-wife decided to have a fundraiser for the war criminals who acquired traumatic brain injury while they commited war crimes in Iraq.  Here was my response, mainly because she had no sympathy for what meningitis did to me:

"What about infants who acquired traumatic brain injury via illness instead of some clown who drove over an IED all the fun he had in Haditha?
What our soldiers did in Haditha was a war crime. Personally, I have no sympathy for a war criminal who drove over an IED.
That’s karma.
I will never give money to any organization which caters to war criminals.
Not all veterans are bad people. I owe my freedom to the MEN who defeated Hitler, Tojo, and Mussolini, as well as the MEN who kept the Communists above the 38th parallel in Korea-and I thank every single one of those HEROES. However, those who willing went to Iraq and believed in whatever it was they were doing (killing civilians when they got bored and waterboarding others (a clear violation of the Geneva Convention) should consider themselves lucky that they get my tax dollars-because that is all they are GOING to get from someone whom they demanded to leave this country because people like myself knew that the Iraq War was out of our character as a nation that stood for justice.
By the way, you will love this.
See? They were BUDDIES, and our soldiers were naive enough to fall for the quagmire.
Happy Birthday.