Saturday, January 27, 2018

What the Hell Am I Doing?

You know what?   I think I have finally lost my ever-loving, motherfucking mind.

Online dating?  Me?  Are you fucking serious?

I'm antisocial, but I'm definitely not shy.

I can talk to any woman (I'll kick your ass if you ask the question, because I don't know the answer-and no, I don't use this kind of verbiage when I speak to them).

It's just that I get lost around the Denver area and I still have no clue what this place has.

I'll date anyone.

My favorite color is blue, but my Dodge Dart is black-'nuff said.

Believe it or not (and you won't), I always find something to compliment-and I do it.  A woman knows what works on me within five minutes of meeting me-and it's not what you think.  The women who have been in my life will tell you, and it's more common than you think it is.  As the late Sam Kinison said, it's in the top fucking five-but I have my limits on that.  I'm very picky as to the presentation-but no woman has ever regretted it.

The sad thing is that I wanted to get married when I was eighteen, which is part of the reason why I'm so pissed off.

Truthfully, between this and school, I don't have time to go anywhere.  However, I need to do something about this, because a pent-up male of any species will rip someone's head clean off.

Hey, that testosterone has got to go some place.

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