Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Still 'Feel the Bern' While Donald Trump Takes It Away From You?

It’s funny when one hears the claim from those who vote for “independent” candidates say that there’s no difference between the Democratic Party and the Republican Party.

Well, those who say that will find out how wrong they were-and I don’t want to read any complaints about what the Democrats should have done better or that Hillary Clinton was a terrible candidate, because that’s bullcrap on both counts.

It’s funny to watch the poor people who voted for a crooked billionaire cry about how they’re about to lose what little they have.  However, for left-leaning “independents” to whine about this calls for a good bitchslapping-the way that Butthead bitchslapped Beavis, just forehands and backhands.

I’d like to know how these young “independents” who “felt the Bern” plan to pay for college now, since Trump wants to get rid of Pell grants.  Hell, wait till they go to the beach and realize that they can’t go into the water because of the oil slicks.  I remember those days during the Reagan years when I went to Zuma Beach in Los Angeles.  There were just some days that you couldn’t go in the water because you could see the oil.

So, we now have social programs axed, another bloated military budget, and a weaker society.   You “independents” must really feel proud of yourselves for the position you’ve put yourselves in.  It’s so bad that Betsy DeVos has brought up student debt.

Still feel the Bern, kiddies?

It’s one thing for your Hippie relatives to have split the Democratic Party the way that they did by pushing for Sanders (an Independent who ran for the Democratic nomination).  They never grew up, and it’s a bigger chore dealing with them on Facebook than it is to deal with a conservative.  Why?  Because conservatives are bigots.   However, “independents” who “vote their conscience” have no excuse.

Voting your conscience is what gave you this disastrous budget, so what do you plan to do now?
Anyone who still claims there’s no difference between the Democrats and the Republicans needs a good bitchslapping with a Louisville Slugger.

Don’t tempt me.