Wednesday, November 29, 2017

I Instantly Hung Up on the Robocall

I received a robocall from Republican, Michael Coffman today-and instantly hung up.

As if that weren’t bad enough, I received another call from some polling group, but I didn’t mind that call as much, because I went straight pro-Democratic with every question which was asked of me.

Michael Coffman?  Why on Earth would that bastard’s office call my number?  I hate that son of a whore! 

He’s anti-union.
He’s anti-woman.
He’s anti-child (even though he has no problem forcing a 12-year-old rape victim to give birth).
He’s anti-infrastructure.
He’s anti-public education (yet, pro-military).

Michael Coffman is just plain anti-American.

I used to have a hard time understanding why the working class would vote for someone like this-and then I remember what the late George Carlin said: they want the schools to stop teaching children how to think critically so that the corporations can rape them.  Carlin said that the conservatives wanted people who were just intelligent enough to turn a wrench and do the paperwork, but just dumb enough to passively accept lower pay and a vanishing pension.  He also predicted that the conservatives would kill Social Security.

“’Cause they own this fuckin’ place!  It’s a big club-and you ain’t in it.  You and I are not in the big club.  By the way, it’s the same club they use to bash you in the head with all day, telling you what to believe.”

That’s why we now have a lot of union workers who vote Republican, whereas they once voted Democratic. 

This began in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s when Richard Nixon brainwashed the lower-educated working class into believing that minorities were the cause of all their problems, that the United States needed an even stronger military, and that blacks should just stop causing problems.

Did you know that Richard Nixon was an anti-Semite?

That’s strange, because Henry Kissinger was his Secretary of State.

This article, written by Evan Thomas and published in Newsweek asserts that Nixon called Kissinger his Jew boy.

That’s quite disgusting, but not surprising for a conservative to say.    

However, I digress.  This entire article is about my being harassed by a robocall from a conservative.   I do not vote against my own interests.

Even with all my training in psychology, I’ve yet to fully understand why people vote against their best interests.

Why did Kissinger stay with Nixon?

Why do poor blue-collar workers vote for a party that only gives tax breaks to the rich and wants to ship their jobs offshore, as Carrier did?

Why do poor whites vote for a party which opposes equal opportunity for a college education? 
Well, that last one is easy to answer.  Conservatives now oppose the four-year college degree, according to Salon

I have quite a few disabilities.

One ear is completely deaf.

I have learning disabilities.

I have traumatic brain injury.

My left arm is really there just for decoration, as there’s very little strength in it.

There is no way I would ever vote for a Republican.

Some will try to counter my argument with George H.W. Bush’s signing into law of the Americans With Disabilities Act in 1990.  However, the law was not enforced until Bill Clinton came in 1993.  Furthermore, Tennessee Republican, Rand Paul, has sought to repeal the federal law for years, favoring power to the states in their bid to decide who gets civil rights and who does not.

You see, I only vote for my best interests, and you should too.

Michael Coffman and the Republican Party can go to Hell, and if you read (and believe Matthew 25:42-46, that’s probably where they’re all going.

Let's Go With A Strategy Which Doesn't Work Anymore! Yeah! THATS A GOOD IDEA!

“Just let’s march again on January 20,2018.”
Jim Rousch That doesn’t work anymore. People laugh at that. Do it right, please.
Jim Rousch I’ve done that (march) in the past, but it simply doesn’t work anymore. Go with that which has a much higher success rate. Sadly, though…. I don’t think you are angry enough to do it. I also know you don’t have the conviction NOR the courage.
Marches are a joke now.
This was part of a conversation on Facebook today and this also focuses on the problem with the American libera­­­ls of this current period of time.
Too many people on my side honestly believe that one more march will do the trick, and frankly, I’m embarrassed by that mindset, because it hasn’t worked in years!
The problem with American liberals is that they are afraid to appear angry.  They don’t want to look like any of these right-wing bastards, so they stand on a street corner with candles and sing stupid songs-as if that’s ever going to work.
You and I both know that you will impregnate an alligator before you change a conservative’s mind by engaging in peaceful protest.   Yet, those on the American left still use this tried and failed technique.  The reason why they do so is because they honestly believe that they can sit down with these guys and reason with them-and that’s the problem right there.
Conservatives don’t reason.  They simply give a kneejerk reaction, which is why they nominated Donald Trump to be the Republican nominee.  Trump’s bigotry is the kneejerk reaction to President Obama’s skin color.  That’s all it is.  Making America “great” again is about making America white again-and that’s not going to happen.

Marching doesn’t do any good.  That’s not how we broke away from Great Britain and that’s not how we ended slavery.  American liberals are going to have to act like surgeons and take a scalpel if they want to save American democracy.

Freedom for the Oppressed: This is what brain damage sounds like, motherfucke...

Freedom for the Oppressed: This is what brain damage sounds like, motherfucke...