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This columnist knew that Sears Roebuck once sold scooters, because he remembers seeing them in old catalogues (while looking for the girls in there), but did you know that they also sold motorcycles, as well as cars?

The company used two brands from the information he gathered, Allstate and Pusche, an Austrian manufacturer.

This red bike is from 1913, and Sears actually sold motorcycles into the early Seventies.

Does anyone have one of these can, and can tell us what their performance was like?  Now, granted, Allstates were no Harleys, Indians, or Hondas, but they must have been up to some kind of task to keep the customers returning for the length of time that they did.

Just think back to the 1950's.

If the ad campaign stated that one met the nicest people on a Honda and if bad boys rode Harleys, what about the boy who rode a Sears Allstate to his date?  Could he even score with an Allstate to begin with?  Girls in those days usually went for boys who either rode Harleys, Triumphs, Indians, or BSA's.

When one stops and looks at them, the Allstate bike looked nothing out of the ordinary; just another motorcycle, but could a Sabre do the job and win a girl?  Look at how small the engines were, and I think you'll get the answer to that question.

It's just interesting to know what this retailer used to sell during the course of its existence.  Who knows, Sears may have sold cocaine in the candy aisle back then.  You could get cocaine candy once upon a time for a nickel, so I wouldn't rule it out.

Hey, cocaine candy and an Allstate motorcycle!  That's a good idea!

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I had so much fun fucking with employees in the automotive department because I pretended to look for a part for this car-and I would cause the biggest yelling and throwing tantrums.  I'd scream for their bosses!
It has been less three days since I changed my password for this.

Did I write it down? Of course, I did, but it didn't matter. I still forgot. I'm writing this via another way. However, I have a new problem now-anytime I think I have a new password, it turns out that it's an old password.

I mean, what the hell do I have to do to remember these things? Nothing works anymore!

I know that the blows I took to the head when I worked at Walmart are mostly to blame for this, as the pallets would break and hit me on the top of my head. However, I also think the seizure which I had a decade ago is a contributing factor.

What is most interesting to me is that I wind up the same problem, even though I write down the new password. I did not have this problem with my memory in the past. What problems I did experienced had to do with SHORT-TERM MEMORY. It was because of this that people said: "You only remember what you want to remember.

The funny part is that those same people couldn't understand why I would become livid upon their assumption-and they still don't.

Here is where you come in.

You may know someone who experiences these problems, so this columnist recommends that you not make things worse by reasserting your false belief that the person with whom you are dealing doesn't pay attention or doesn't care.

That's a clever way of being found by the police in an alley, bleeding profusely in the moonlight.

This person would not feel so frustrated if he didn't care.  Actually, he wouldn't feel any frustration.  It is your prejudice and your assumptions which cause the situation to deteriorate, and it's going to be your own fault if this person puts you in the local intensive care unit, because anyone who makes assumptions should be beaten until they don't move anymore.

The reason why some deserve to be beaten into a state of unconsciousness after making the assumption is because the person you say this to has dealt with this his or her entire life and has heard the same thing.  Furthermore, no matter how severely this person beats you, this person should not be arrested for any crime, as you committed the crime of discrimination.

The Americans with Disabilities Act?  Yeah, you would be rather fucked with a charge of depriving someone of their civil rights, so I wouldn't do anything stupid if I were you.

People snap, so you don't want to be the final straw.  The best way to avoid that is to help those who struggle with their memory problems.

I know that in my own case, calendars and alarms don't work.  Why?  Because every day I wake up, I'm usually a day or two off, and in either direction on the calendar.  This is a direct result of the meningitis I suffered when I was an infant.  The only time I can figure out what day I'm living in is if I have a reference to go by-like what happened yesterday, for example.

I have used day planners.
Clocks don't work worth a damn.
Alarms?  I usually don't remember why I set them-unless it's the same alarm every day.
Routine is the only thing which gives me any chance of remembering anything.

I used to have the same password for everything, because I knew that I would easily forget if I didn't.

It's happened anyway.

Thank you, Syria!

اشكر اي شخص في اليابان الذي راجع بلدي بلوق. 

اسمي جيم روتش  انا أصلا من لوس انجليس ، ولكن يعيش حاليا في ضاحية دنفر.  انا حصلت علي درجه في علم النفس من جامعه فينيكس وحاربت من أجل الحقوق المدنية منذ شبابي ، علي الرغم من انني شاركت في كل الانتخابات الرئاسية منذ 1992 للحزب الديمقراطي.

نجوت من التهاب السحايا كرضيع وكان لها التعلم الإعاقات منذ ذلك الحين ، لكنني تمكنت من كسب درجه النفس بلدي.

هذا الموقع هو عن الوقوف لأولئك الذين لا يملكون الثقة في الوقوف لأنفسهم بعد الآن.

إذا كنت تعرف اي شخص لديه الاعاقه التنموية ويواجه التمييز بسبب ذلك--وخاصه في الفصول الدراسية أو في مكان العمل ، لا تتردد في الوصول لي في



جيم روتش ، كاتب عمود ، محرر ، مصور

اشكر اي شخص في اليابان الذي راجع بلدي بلوق.

هذا الموقع هو عن الوقوف لأولئك الذين لا يملكون الثقة في الوقوف لأنفسهم بعد الآن.

إذا كنت تعرف اي شخص لديه الاعاقه التنموية ويواجه التمييز بسبب ذلك--وخاصه في الفصول الدراسية أو في مكان العمل ، لا تتردد في الوصول لي في


جيم روتش ، كاتب عمود ، محرر ، فوتوغراهيري اشكر اي شخص في اليابان الذي راجع بلدي بلوق.

هذا الموقع هو عن الوقوف بالنسبة لهم الذين لا يملكون الثقة للوقوف لأنفسهم بعد الآن.

إذا كنت تعرف اي شخص لديه أعاقه النمو ويواجه التمييز بسبب ذلك--وخاصه في الفصول الدراسية أو في مكان العمل ، اشعر حره للوصول لي في



私は、私のブロッグをチェックアウトした日本の誰かに感謝します。 私の名前はジム Rousch です。 私はロサンゼルス出身ですが、現在はデンバー郊外に住んでいます。 私は、フェニックス大学から心理学の学位を持って、私は民主党のための1992以来、すべての大統領選挙に関与しているものの、私は、私の青年以来、公民権のために戦ってきました。 私は乳児として髄膜炎を生き延び、以来、学習障害を持っていたが、私は自分の心理学の学位を得ることができた。 このサイトは、彼ら自身のためにもう立って自信を持っていない人のために立ち上がることについてです。 発達障がいを持っていて、それが原因で差別に直面している人を知っている場合-特に教室や職場では、 で私に手を差し伸べることをお気軽に。

I thank anyone in Japan who checked out my blog. 

My name is Jim Rousch.  I’m originally from Los Angeles, but currently live in suburban Denver.  I have a degree in Psychology from the University of Phoenix and I have fought for civil rights since my youth, although I have been involved in every presidential election since 1992 for the Democratic Party.

I survived meningitis as an infant and have had learning disabilities ever since, but I managed to earn my psychology degree.

This site is about standing up for those who do not have the confidence to stand for themselves anymore.

If you know anyone who has a developmental disability and faces discrimination because of it-especially in the classroom or in the workplace, please feel free to reach me at

Deniers Need to be Arrested

First it was states in the American South which wanted to change history by censoring the truth, and now we have those who repeat the lie that Earth is a flat disc.

If you look at this photo, you can clearly see that this is a lie.  However, we do have those tell us that the Moon landing was a hoax.

It's clear to this writer that we need to do something and put these liars somewhere-preferably in prison.  We even have some clown who is a limo driver.  I don't want to mention this guy's name because he doesn't deserve any credit.  However, he has built a rocket to prove Earth is flat.

According to MSN, this guy really believes that the planet is flat!

Flat Earth My Ass!

Now, we have conservatives who simply don't want to pay for college because of things like teaching diversity, according to The Washington Post.

This guy is a former Green Beret (a follower) and someone who basically follows orders without question.  He was quoted in the report: "A lot of Republicans would say they go there to get brainwashed and learn how to become activists and basically go out in the world and cause trouble."

How does one cause trouble when he sees injustice and fights to correct it?

The report said that he had a problem with "junk" degrees, like art (which contributes to engineering) medicine, or law; that those who study about diversity or culture should only be designated to private schools.

Well, given the fact that this man is a conservative, it makes sense that he wants law and a sense of draconian order, for that is how the conservative brain works.  It cannot handle new information and it refuses to accept new people.  I know that all too well from my religious experiences.

Now, I'm not going to name this goose-stepper, but click on the link and you will see him.
He is not alone, as most of the working class voted for Donald Trump, and they have no idea that Trump is going to throw them out into the street.  Do I care for their welfare?  Absolutely not.  That's not because they disagree with educated people, but rather the way in which they disagree with educated people.

Everyone who opposes college, everyone who accepts the flat-Earth idea, and those who want to rewrite American history by transforming Senator Joseph McCarthy into a hero simply need to be arrested.  This is not a matter of free speech.  It is a matter of fact and fiction; of life and death. 

Conservatives want to put us back into the Stone Age. They only question is why? It can't be because they're that stupid. Is it simply a a matter of power?

Remember that those who do not know their history will be doomed to repeat it, so that's a fair review of the right-wing agenda.  If you remember, it was the rich who had all the knowledge and the peasants who lived in fear, praying to God as often as they could.

Conservatives miss those days.