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Martin Luther 1483-1546

While I'm not a religious person (I'd like to see them all banned), one cannot deny that Martin Luther opened the door for the oppressed in Europe.

It was on this day in 1483 that Martin Luther was born in Eisleben, Germany.

This was during a time in which the Catholic Church tortured and murdered people for merely questioning their interpretation of the Bible.  However, Luther's main problem with Rome was indulgences; money that parishioners had to give to the Church so that St. Peter's Basilica could be built.

Luther also had a problem with the Church's hypocrisy regarding marriage.  He knew that there were priests who were married, and there was nothing in the Bible which stated that a holy man of God was required to remain celibate.  In fact, 1 Corinthians 7:9 states that people should be allowed to marry if they cannot control their urges. 

Hence, the 42-year-old Martin found and married a nun by the name of Katherine Von Bora, 26.

The funny thing is that this was not the career choice that his father, Hans, had planned out for his son, Martin.  Martin was supposed to be a lawyer.  Hans was livid when Martin threw that away to become a monk.

Hans never came to terms with his son's decision.

Luther risked his life during a time when others were being boiled and burned for even suggesting that the common man should have access to it, and he was really asking for it when he nailed the 95 Theses on the door of his church in Wittenburg, Germany.

This act officially made Luther a heretic by decree of the Vatican.

However, Luther never intended to start his own wing of the Christian church.  He had hoped that Rome would seek reconciliation, which has not happened to this very day.

Luther constantly lived incognito and in several different different places.  He had disguised himself as a knight to avoid arrest by Rome's authorities, and he did all of this while raising a family.

This fucker had brass balls.

In the end, it wasn't Rome that took him down, but illness in 1546, at the age of 62.  His denomination is one of the more liberal ones as far as Christianity is concerned, as the doctrine of Lutheranism is simply to believe in the death and resurrection of Christ for one's sins.

While some Lutherans also state baptism as a requirement, one has to think about a baby who dies minutes after birth, don't tell me you believe that child's going to Hell!  Are you kidding me?

For more information on the 500th Anniversary of Martin Luther's birth and the initiation of the Reformation, go to:

My Problem With God

I know that God exists, but I hate Him for what He has done to me throughout the course of my life-starting with giving me meningitis.
It’s fun to deal with right-wing bigots who assume you smoke pot-all the while they give some Iraq murderer in an American uniform a free pass.
When it comes to relationships, they have been fabulous disasters.  They have been so bad that women have assumed me to be gay because I was still single in my late thirties-the very same kind of chicks who rejected me because I didn’t have the money to accommodate their spending habits.
I got married just prior to forty-and God fucked me on that marriage as if I were a cheap whore on Sepulveda Blvd. My ex-wife spent all of my money and hardly ever let me be intimate with her.
We lived with her friend nearly the entire time we were “married.”
I took care of someone with autism when I should have been dating.
Seeing how I believe in unions, I have taken the appropriate action against an unjust Deity: I’m on strike.
God gets nothing from me until He lives up to His “word” in Genesis 2:18 and in 2 Corinthians 7:9. In fact, when we meet, the Lord will need a doctor after I’m through kicking His ass. Besides, since our righteousness is like that of filthy rags (Isiah 64:6)
I’m not an Atheist, but I don’t put up with the Father’s shit-ever.
I don’t care if He DID create the Universe with can of baked beans, it doesn’t give Him the right to lie to people as Paul admits that God the Father does in Hebrews 11:39-look it up.
I am justified to do all these things against the Father as per Proverbs 18:19, Proverbs 18:22, Proverbs 30:8, 1 Corinthians 7:9, and Matthew 21:22.
I have never sinned within this realm because the Father is guilty, via Mark 9:42.
I win in the end because I know Christ rose three days after His execution.
His knees weren’t broken and Roman guards were burned where they slept if caught nodding off while on duty.
I have conquered God the Father, and He is only hurting His Own “credibility” the longer this continues.
Don’t tell me about Job. Show me Job’s 1040 and his 1199’s. Tell me where Uz was-then, and ONLY THEN, will I consider a possibility of credibility.
God the Father has nothing on me, but the Father would be my bitch if we were in prison, as I would rent Him out.
Well, it’s not nice to let turn innocent people who once trusted You with their very lives into a spiritual terrorist-which is essentially what I am now.
The sad thing is that I am slowly beginning to realize that there are honest Christians in this world who don’t castigate others.  Sadly, they are very difficult to find and they will be caught in the crossfire once 2 Peter 3:4 comes to pass.

Red Massacre

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Red Massacre

30 cents
The voting booths flowed blue on Tuesday night, which was a surprise to this columnist, given how right-wing operatives jimmy the voting machines. CNBC also reported Wednesday morning that the Republicans lost governorships in Virginia and New Jersey, in edition to the control of the Senate in Washington State.
Being who he is, Trump would probably not take this as a warning, as he has an excuse for every failure from the previous ten months.
Larry Saboto, the director of the Center of Politics at the University of Virginia wrote the midterm election was a rejection of Trumpism.
Phil Murphy won the New Jersey gubernatorial race against Kim Gaudagno, who paid the political price for Chris Christie’s unpopularity.
In short, it would seem that Virginia was the flashpoint for last night’s blue counteroffensive against the Nazism of Donald Trump.
This was a pleasant surprise to me, as I expected the voting machines to be manipulated, as they often are. However, we still have two elections to worry about: 2018 and 2020. We thought that Hillary would just have to show up, but a lot of factors came into play which we never dreamed of, so be careful.