Sunday, November 5, 2017

Well, Have You?

It's All Bullshit

Republicans want us to fear everyone who isn't white and doesn't worship Whomever the same way that the Republicans in all three houses of the American government would have us worship.

As I went about my shopping in honor of a Roman holiday (for a Man Who was really born in April), I came across two young women from two different faiths on different sides of the Park Meadows Mall in Lone Tree, Colorado.  In both encounters, I discussed our common father, Abraham. 

While I bash Christianity for its unrepentant hypocrisy, I do acknowledge the Divinity of Christ and that I am from Abraham, in a spiritual sense.

In talking to the Muslim young lady, I had discussed if she had heard of any heavy metal bands from the Middle East, as I had heard a few on the Liquid Metal channel on Sirius XM.  She hadn't personally.  However, she knew that there were metal acts in the Middle East, that that these guys really put their lives on the line every time they take to the stage-and a lot of them are put to death by the religious authorities. 

You see, the ayatollahs hate heavy metal just as much as do the Christian pastors, so why is there enmity between the two faiths?  Pastors and ayatollahs both hate the Jews, they both want to murder anyone who is LGBTQ or a rape victim, and they both hate metal.

Shouldn't these dumbasses be on the same team?

They're both crazy and neither believe in human rights!

In talking to the Jewish young lady, I got her side of the religious story, with regard to Jerusalem, as all three faiths call that city home. 

As a liberal, I assured each of them that I would protect them from the Trump regime.  After all, Muslims and Jews just have different mothers.  It's the Christians who make an issue out of it. 

Religions should be banned because they cause nothing but preventable deaths and endless misery.  It's all bullshit.  None of us need the misery, and this part of the First Amendment needs to be (but will never be) edited.

Look at what Donald Trump has done in his attempt to make Christianity the official religion of the United States when Article VI in our Constitution and Article XI in the Treaty of Tripoli state that America has no official religion.  In fact, the last lines in Article VI in the Constitution prohibit a religious test for any public office.

I don't fear anyone, but I'm ready to take down any of these Alt-Right religious fanatics who want to turn my country into a theocracy.

I don't fear anyone, and neither should you.  You see, your freedom is in jeopardy as long as you live in fear-which is exactly what the Republican Party and Donald Trump that they can take your freedom away.

Do you know what Benjamin Franklin said about Americans who choose to live in fear?

"Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."

Any right-wing coward who dares to claim that he or she is a defender of the Constitution is a liar and should be transformed into a Christmas tree ornament. 

The funny thing about conservatives is that they ask I was ever in the military.
"Fuck no!  Unlike you, I know who got us into this mess, and I'm not about to clean it up.  Go ahead and get yourself killed.  No one will remember you anyway."

Freedom for the Oppressed: Frustration With the Brain-I'm Just Like You

Freedom for the Oppressed: Frustration With the Brain-I'm Just Like You: I often have to change passwords several times a week.  Why?  Because, even though I write them down, they don't seem to work. This infu...

Frustration With the Brain-I'm Just Like You

I often have to change passwords several times a week.  Why?  Because, even though I write them down, they don't seem to work.

This infuriates me.

As you know, I have traumatic brain injury and have had two seizures-as well as countless pallets which have hit me atop the head when I worked at Walmart-and I think that's what finally did it.
I'm thinking of seeking legal help on this, because it happened in two locations, so it's the Company itself which doesn't care about the safety of its workers.  Then again, there's no union to stop them..

This is why we have unions; to protect American workers from corporate indifference.

I am not the same as I was since all of this has happened.  While it started with the second seizure I had in 2007, one knows from the lawsuits former NFL players have filed that blows to the head also wreak havoc on the brain; namely with temper and memory-and those are my biggest concerns.

The funny thing is that my long-term memory is fine, so I can tell you that I remember my supervisors asking me if I wanted to fill out incident reports-which I did.  Why?  Because I had a feeling that all of this was going to do something to me in the end-and I was right.

I hate writing down new passwords every few days because I don't remember the old ones-which I also wrote down.

I hate how my frustration level is so low now that I'm kindling-I mean, just don't fuck with me.

I thought I had enough problems with the "goodies" God left me from my bout with meningitis when I was an infant, but I guess He had more fun in store for me.

While some might say that I could have quit and looked for work somewhere else, I tried to look for employment somewhere else.

What's really fun is explaining to people my situation to people on the phone before I begin a discussion on whatever the matter is, and they're stupid enough to tell me to calm down after five minutes.

Hey, I warned them, and I told them that I don't mean to lose it, so fuck 'em.

I know I'm not the only one going through this, which is the reason why I wrote this article in the first place.

I'm just like you-only I haven't given up.

I'm unrepentantly rude to anyone who tells me to calm down after I explain my neurosituation with them.  The way I see it, they have already judged me, so I figure I have nothing to lose by standing up for myself and by being a dick to them.  Why?  Because for most of my life, I had been told that my neurosituation was a liberal excuse.

It's happened to you, as well.  I'm quite sure of that; the accusations, the name-calling, the castigation.  This columnist sympathizes with your plight.  Believe me, you don't have to respect anyone who neither gives you the benefit of the doubt nor is willing to make accommodate your needs.

Just do what I do for fun-laugh at Iraq vets who were stupid enough to drive over bombs.  That situation was totally avoidable by refusing to be a sucker for military service.  Your situation, on the other hand, was a cruel hand deal by the Fates.