Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Conservatives have, for all time, discredited themselves.  They have proven themselves to be liars, slanderers, and obstructionists.  All it took was one special year: 2016.

The more we learn from Robert Mueller’s investigation, the more it becomes clear that conservatives are traitors, liars, and thieves.

They are common criminals and they are war criminals; common criminals in that they love to steal from social programs which the poor depend upon, and war criminals as they create wars the United States need not start and cannot afford in order to line their own pockets.

Conservatives are also racists, as  Donald Trump only wants immigrants who can benefit this country-which is a direct contradiction to what the plaque written on the Statue of Liberty states about the tired, the poor, and the huddled masses who yearn to breathe free.

However, now that we have learned about the Russian ads during the 2016 campaign, let us not forget that it was the Republican Party who targeted anyone who was even suspected of collusion with the Russians.

Will someone explain to me why we should not be allowed to lynch every Republican at any level of office?

Even sillier yet are all of the John Birch morons who fell for every fearmongering Republican dirty trick in order to vote against their own interests.  These morons are obviously lack the intellect to vote, so why should we allow them into voting booths when the very same seek to take Constitutional protections away from others?

It’s time for liberals to stand up and exact skin for skin.  After all, being a liberal means that you believe in equality.  However, that should not still be if your enemy does not-and the conservatives are the enemy.  

Conservatives in the United States had a better opinion of Vladimir Putin than President Obama, according to Politico.

This proves that conservatives are traitors who should be on the other side of Donald Trump’s wall.