Sunday, October 22, 2017

Freedom for the Oppressed: Would Jesus Tell Someone To Commit Suicide?

Freedom for the Oppressed: Would Jesus Tell Someone To Commit Suicide?: Would Jesus tell someone to commit suicide? Many people who know me know that I debate people on Facebook.  Sure, it might be juvenile t...

Why Is The First Republican President Featured On a Democrat's Website?

.   Okay, you've all figured out from my articles on that I am a proud Democrat, so you're probably wondering why I have a Republican featured here.
   President Abraham Lincoln governed more like a liberal Democrat than today’s conservative Republican. 
   During the Great Debates when Lincoln ran against Stephen Douglas for the Illinois Senate seat in 1858, Lincoln argued that slavery was wrong and that it should be banned.  Douglas argued that the voters should decide for themselves whether the peculiar institution was moral or unjust (source:
    Now, tell me who that sounds like? 
    Exactly, a modern-day Republican.  After all, it is they who say that the voters should decide what 

is just and what is unjust-whether or not the voters have all the facts of the issues.

      I wonder what the voters thought of President Eisenhower’s decision to use military force to 

enforce the Supreme Court decision, Brown v. Board of Education? 

    Much like President Washington, who was put in a comparable situation, Eisenhower had a pretty 

good idea that he would not have to use any ammunition, as he was the hero of World War II; the 

Supreme Allied Commander who took charge on D-Day. 

     President Dwight Eisenhower knew he could afford the political capital to gamble his presidency-

and he won.

     However, Eisenhower was a crappy Republican by today’s standards.  This is because no 

Republican cares about race relations and no Republican would build the Interstate System, as 

Eisenhower had.

    It was after the election of 1960 that the two parties permanently switched sides, although Franklin 

D. Roosevelt and Harry Truman were staunch liberals.  However, back to Lincoln.

   President Abraham Lincoln was, for the most part, a just man-at least if you leave out the way he 

treated the Indians like crap.  By in large, however, Abraham Lincoln was a just man who was 

slightly ahead of his age-and that’s why he is featured on this website.

No, Virginia. You Don't Have To Stand For The American Flag.

Here is the question:
I haven’t said the Pledge of Allegiance since the Iran-Contra scandal, and I probably will only say it once more: when my woman becomes a citizen, but probably never again after that.
The injustice that Colin Kaepernick continues to endure is just one reason why, as the Supreme Court decided that one does not have to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance-and this is before ‘under God’ was added in 1954.
Most people in the United States are not interested in justice, or there would more police officers being executed for framing or shooting innocent people.   That being stated, it’s perfectly acceptable to shoot cops, as you don’t know who the good ones are-assuming that there are very many left.
I know of one, but I wonder if he goes easy on me because I’m white.
Anyone who stands for the flag is a fake patriot-especially if they buy a foreign car.  Real patriots buy American-made products-and don’t make excuses, because they exist if you know where to look.  Go to and kiss my ass before you scream at Colin Kaepernick, because he isn’t the problem, his critics are.  Donald Trump is.  Every white person who hates him is.
Furthermore, it was a U.S. soldier who suggested that he kneel out of protest.
Colin Kaepernick is one of the greatest heroes in American history because he kneels for his beliefs and he donates his money to the poor.  Colin Kaepernick is equal to Nathan Hale because he has only one life to give for his cause.
Most whites would not do what Kaepernick has the courage to do, because they love their paychecks too much.  Whites are conformists.  Whites don’t think any further than their front yard or their cubicle, and they believe whatever the right-wing media tells them.