Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Update on the Moral Judge

I don't know why I did it, but I decided to check on that one person who thought that judging people was a good idea.

You read my response, but it seems that someone of that caliber has something to hide when they write:

"I never said you have to judge others. But again, its natural to judge others based on what we know, because thats all we know.
I'm not saying you should instantly treat someone like shit if you barely know them, but its perfectly fine to meet someone and paint a general picture of them. Someone who seems like a dick might be not that bad, or someone who seems nice might be a complete ass.
If what I say bothers you, well sorry. Thats how I see it. If you want, you can go to my profile and judge the hell out of me. I dont mind." -IC (initials only) Now, this is someone who seems to have something to hide-just like all those Republicans in the United States who want to make a woman's right to choose illegal, yet beg their mistress to get an abortion. So, my critic doubles down by stating that it's natural (another way of saying okay) to judge others based on what we know. Suppose the information is all a lie? Did you notice how rude he became in his response? These are the kind we must watch for, as they make situations for others worse. Someone like this person would think that a girl who was raped is actually a prostitute. Now, where would they get such a wacky idea? It's information based on what they know. They see a pregnant young girl and assume she's a prostitute because she's 14, pregnant, and heard some gossip. It would never occur to them that her father raped her. This is the problem with moralism and this is why we need situational moralism and situational ethics. We wouldn't need these things were it not for those like IC.

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