Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Let's Go With A Strategy Which Doesn't Work Anymore! Yeah! THATS A GOOD IDEA!

“Just let’s march again on January 20,2018.”
Jim Rousch That doesn’t work anymore. People laugh at that. Do it right, please.
Jim Rousch I’ve done that (march) in the past, but it simply doesn’t work anymore. Go with that which has a much higher success rate. Sadly, though…. I don’t think you are angry enough to do it. I also know you don’t have the conviction NOR the courage.
Marches are a joke now.
This was part of a conversation on Facebook today and this also focuses on the problem with the American libera­­­ls of this current period of time.
Too many people on my side honestly believe that one more march will do the trick, and frankly, I’m embarrassed by that mindset, because it hasn’t worked in years!
The problem with American liberals is that they are afraid to appear angry.  They don’t want to look like any of these right-wing bastards, so they stand on a street corner with candles and sing stupid songs-as if that’s ever going to work.
You and I both know that you will impregnate an alligator before you change a conservative’s mind by engaging in peaceful protest.   Yet, those on the American left still use this tried and failed technique.  The reason why they do so is because they honestly believe that they can sit down with these guys and reason with them-and that’s the problem right there.
Conservatives don’t reason.  They simply give a kneejerk reaction, which is why they nominated Donald Trump to be the Republican nominee.  Trump’s bigotry is the kneejerk reaction to President Obama’s skin color.  That’s all it is.  Making America “great” again is about making America white again-and that’s not going to happen.

Marching doesn’t do any good.  That’s not how we broke away from Great Britain and that’s not how we ended slavery.  American liberals are going to have to act like surgeons and take a scalpel if they want to save American democracy.

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