Thursday, November 30, 2017

She and I

I'm about to go out and do something for someone I care about.

She lives in California, but everything she does means the world to me, and so I do everything I can to save her from this dark time in American history.

Relationships are a slow process, but they're worth it.  I mean, my attention deficit doesn't make things much better because I do things in an untimely manner.  However, but I’m still willing to face this one demon of mine and fight it, because I must, for her sake, figure out social clues and timeliness. 

These factors are rare in 21st Century America, as everyone just goes from the bar stool to a motel room within a couple of hours. 

I was never that bad.

For this to turn into a true and lasting relationship, I realize that I’m the one who must do most of the effort, and that’s because I already have my bachelor’s degree in psychology.  She is work ng on her own bachelor’s degree right now in addition to working two jobs.  I’m now working on my Master’s in Education, as I need a need a parachute.

I don’t want to teach.  I hate schools.  I hate administrators.  I hate rules.  However, I could need a union job.  While private schools may pay better, again, my issue with rules just doesn’t sit well.

I know what you’re thinking.

‘You hate the rules, yet you want the federal government to run everything.  Isn’t that being hypocritical?’

No, not really.  The reason why I like a large and powerful federal government is because we have bullies in this country who take from the disenfranchised and blame them for failing at anything when the victims never stood a chance in the first place.   That’s why I believe in complete federal control of society; because powerless people are freed whenever the abusers are put under control.

Were it not for that, I’d be a complete anarchist.

Think of it this way, child labor isn’t legal in the United States anymore, when it was a century ago.  This is an example of why you need a strong entity to put bullies in their place.

There, I have now explained myself.  I hate school, I don’t want to teach, but I may have to because my experiences in the working world have brought me to the conclusion that I need a union behind me if I’m going to have anything to do with the conventional working world ever again.

However, back to us. 

This is just the way it’s going to have to be if I’m lucky to have her for the next fifty years.  I must wait for her to get what she needs academically and for her to be what she was born to be while I go out and either borrow a U-236 Space Modulator from Marvin the Martian or get into the union so that I can make a decent living.

Hey, I worked at Walmart-where you’re dead meat if you’re hurt.  That’s why I opt for joining a union the first chance I get.  Again, it wasn’t because I thought Walmart was the place for me.  The recession of 2008 was so like the Great Depression of 1929 that I simply had no other choice.  To be honest, I had hoped that I blew the interview there and that I wouldn’t be hired.

Imagine the sense of whoa I felt when I realized that I had been hired-for night shift.

Now you understand why I need a union.  I got I hurt and I was screwed by the Company as a result.

Worse case scenario, I’ll teach American History while I wait for her to finish her studies, if that’s needed of me.  That’s what you do when you care about someone-whatever you must do…even if you hate it.

That’s how much I care for her.

As for now, I text her at least twice a day, but I understand her work and school schedules, so I don’t worry.  I just look for a box of matches and a can of gasoline, as it were, just to make everyone’s day interesting.

I do things that very few people are willing to do anymore-especially in this area.  This explains the high divorce rate, as couples simply don’t see each other anymore.  She and I both want to knock ourselves out right now so that we don’t end up in that situation later.

We could take a vacation whenever we feel like it.

We could stay in until noon (which would be difficult for me, because I would still wake up on my own at eight in the morning after partying until 4:30 a.m.).

Neither of us like our current situations, but we keep in communication.  This crap isn’t going to last forever, but we just might.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

I Instantly Hung Up on the Robocall

I received a robocall from Republican, Michael Coffman today-and instantly hung up.

As if that weren’t bad enough, I received another call from some polling group, but I didn’t mind that call as much, because I went straight pro-Democratic with every question which was asked of me.

Michael Coffman?  Why on Earth would that bastard’s office call my number?  I hate that son of a whore! 

He’s anti-union.
He’s anti-woman.
He’s anti-child (even though he has no problem forcing a 12-year-old rape victim to give birth).
He’s anti-infrastructure.
He’s anti-public education (yet, pro-military).

Michael Coffman is just plain anti-American.

I used to have a hard time understanding why the working class would vote for someone like this-and then I remember what the late George Carlin said: they want the schools to stop teaching children how to think critically so that the corporations can rape them.  Carlin said that the conservatives wanted people who were just intelligent enough to turn a wrench and do the paperwork, but just dumb enough to passively accept lower pay and a vanishing pension.  He also predicted that the conservatives would kill Social Security.

“’Cause they own this fuckin’ place!  It’s a big club-and you ain’t in it.  You and I are not in the big club.  By the way, it’s the same club they use to bash you in the head with all day, telling you what to believe.”

That’s why we now have a lot of union workers who vote Republican, whereas they once voted Democratic. 

This began in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s when Richard Nixon brainwashed the lower-educated working class into believing that minorities were the cause of all their problems, that the United States needed an even stronger military, and that blacks should just stop causing problems.

Did you know that Richard Nixon was an anti-Semite?

That’s strange, because Henry Kissinger was his Secretary of State.

This article, written by Evan Thomas and published in Newsweek asserts that Nixon called Kissinger his Jew boy.

That’s quite disgusting, but not surprising for a conservative to say.    

However, I digress.  This entire article is about my being harassed by a robocall from a conservative.   I do not vote against my own interests.

Even with all my training in psychology, I’ve yet to fully understand why people vote against their best interests.

Why did Kissinger stay with Nixon?

Why do poor blue-collar workers vote for a party that only gives tax breaks to the rich and wants to ship their jobs offshore, as Carrier did?

Why do poor whites vote for a party which opposes equal opportunity for a college education? 
Well, that last one is easy to answer.  Conservatives now oppose the four-year college degree, according to Salon

I have quite a few disabilities.

One ear is completely deaf.

I have learning disabilities.

I have traumatic brain injury.

My left arm is really there just for decoration, as there’s very little strength in it.

There is no way I would ever vote for a Republican.

Some will try to counter my argument with George H.W. Bush’s signing into law of the Americans With Disabilities Act in 1990.  However, the law was not enforced until Bill Clinton came in 1993.  Furthermore, Tennessee Republican, Rand Paul, has sought to repeal the federal law for years, favoring power to the states in their bid to decide who gets civil rights and who does not.

You see, I only vote for my best interests, and you should too.

Michael Coffman and the Republican Party can go to Hell, and if you read (and believe Matthew 25:42-46, that’s probably where they’re all going.

Let's Go With A Strategy Which Doesn't Work Anymore! Yeah! THATS A GOOD IDEA!

“Just let’s march again on January 20,2018.”
Jim Rousch That doesn’t work anymore. People laugh at that. Do it right, please.
Jim Rousch I’ve done that (march) in the past, but it simply doesn’t work anymore. Go with that which has a much higher success rate. Sadly, though…. I don’t think you are angry enough to do it. I also know you don’t have the conviction NOR the courage.
Marches are a joke now.
This was part of a conversation on Facebook today and this also focuses on the problem with the American libera­­­ls of this current period of time.
Too many people on my side honestly believe that one more march will do the trick, and frankly, I’m embarrassed by that mindset, because it hasn’t worked in years!
The problem with American liberals is that they are afraid to appear angry.  They don’t want to look like any of these right-wing bastards, so they stand on a street corner with candles and sing stupid songs-as if that’s ever going to work.
You and I both know that you will impregnate an alligator before you change a conservative’s mind by engaging in peaceful protest.   Yet, those on the American left still use this tried and failed technique.  The reason why they do so is because they honestly believe that they can sit down with these guys and reason with them-and that’s the problem right there.
Conservatives don’t reason.  They simply give a kneejerk reaction, which is why they nominated Donald Trump to be the Republican nominee.  Trump’s bigotry is the kneejerk reaction to President Obama’s skin color.  That’s all it is.  Making America “great” again is about making America white again-and that’s not going to happen.

Marching doesn’t do any good.  That’s not how we broke away from Great Britain and that’s not how we ended slavery.  American liberals are going to have to act like surgeons and take a scalpel if they want to save American democracy.

Freedom for the Oppressed: This is what brain damage sounds like, motherfucke...

Freedom for the Oppressed: This is what brain damage sounds like, motherfucke...

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

The Cost In Not Believing In My Abilities Because of my Disabilities

This is what brain damage sounds like, motherfucker!

It took a lot of physical therapy for me to get to the point at which I could play heavy metal guitar.

The cost of lacking self-confidence might have cost me a career in the business, but who's to say what could have happened had I even made the attempt to be a lead guitar player at fifteen-years-old.  I knew that my best friend, who was the lead guitarist wanted me to learn, probably so that we could do harmonies...... but I lacked the self-confidence to do it.

The main problem was that I struggled with my fingering in 1985 and 1986.  I didn't think that I could spread my fingers so wide across the fretboard.  However, you can clearly see in this video that I am able to, and for that, I apologize to my friend, as he had more confidence in my ability to do this than I did.

My best friend worked with me on my fingering, but I just experienced so much difficulty with it that I stuck with barre chords.

Who knows?  We could have opened for Kiss like we had hoped.  We might have toured with Ronnie James Dio or Iron Maiden.

We could have played at one of the Monsters of Rock festivals at Donington, England
We could have done a lot of if we even landed a record deal in the first place, in which we were in competition with hundreds, maybe even thousands of bands for that.

Do I blame myself?  Partially, but not as much as I once did.  I was not on Paxil at the time, so the social anxiety was a bit more than I could handle.  All I remember is that I was a crazy motherfucker the few times we did hit the stage together.  I just let myself go.

Don’t ever give up if you suffer from brain damage.  You could do things that you and your doctors never thought possible-my doctors didn't even expect me to live, much less play heavy metal guitar.

You're better than you think you are, so go out and prove that to everyone else-then tell them to go fuck themselves.

This is what brain damage sounds like, motherfucker!.wmv

This is what brain damage sounds like, motherfucker!.wmv

Screaming At Grassroots Democrats in America

Since you are doing things the stupid way (the same thing that didn’t work last time, and you know what it is.  You do it every day on Facebook, but make ZERO IMPACT) I’m turning my Millennium Falcon around and I’m attacking that Imperial starship head-on.

I understand you don’t get the EMPIRE STRIKES BACK reference, but the world looks on in horror as you allow this American Hitler to destabilize everything through your inaction and your cowardice.

Voting doesn’t work anymore, nor do petitions.  Get that through your heads.  MUCH OF the money the RNC acquires is most likely from governments like Saudi Arabia, so anyone who truly believes that campaign finance reform will benefit us is more naive than a sweet 16.  The only reason I
vote now is for solely for the purposes maintaining the facade, but you know as well as I that Republicans are given “close” elections, yet all you do is cry.

It’s not that all politicians are crooks.  It’s because you allow them to steal elections and you refuse to engage in an uprising of any kind.

Remember that demonstrations don’t work anymore.  The enemy just lets us yell for a few hours until we get tired, and then they resume the act of plundering us.

Don’t count on Bernie Sanders, either.  You either PHYSICALLY RESIST what Trump is doing to us, or you take the shaft.

Don’t blame Dianne Feinstein.  Don’t blame Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.


If you don’t know what I’m doing, then we Democrats are in deeper trouble than I thought-and your self-pity is even worse than the gerrymandering the Republicans engage in, because all you do is bend over for them.


What you’re doing now help our candidates.

The world depends on US, so quit fucking up!  Vote with your HEADS, not your HEARTS!

You saw the results last year.

Monday, November 27, 2017


It took me half an hour to remember the correct password for one of my accounts, but I eventually got in.

I had tried to change my password again, because nothing in the past had worked for me.  I had even checked my password to locate the password for that particular site, but every password that I tried turned out to be one which I had used in the past.

I felt trapped.

I felt isolated.

I was angry as Hell-and then I came up with an idea.

Everyone who knows me knows that I write things down, but that's more of a miss than a hit.  So, I decided to copy the password page and download it into the books section of the i-Pad.  I checked that section of the device, and son of a whore!  There it was-the page, AND ALL!

Am I worried about my account being hacked?  Look, man.  If someone wants your password, they know how to get it on their own.  They don't have to resort for this simple technique-although it seems way too simple....and it probably is.  However, if you're a teacher or a professor, and you have a student who experiences this problem what I just did might be their solution.

Paper rips and passwords might drown in planners and password books.  I've even tried saving them into password books-nope.

I think I might have finally found something which might work for me.  Maybe it'll work for you, too.  Maybe this will work for a colleague with whom you work.  Maybe it'll work for an employee who struggles with his productivity because he or she can't remember passwords.

It's worth a try.

Free Cyntoia Brown!

How could the South even consider prosecuting, let alone sentencing 60 years a sex slave when she was kidnapped and turned into a sex slave?                                     
<iframe src="

Did these bastards in Tennessee  seek to try and sentence her as an adult because she's Hispanic or because she was a sex slave who fought for her freedom and for her life?  The State should pay for her psychological therapy for the rest of her life, and that judge needs to be shot in the penis at point blank range.

Read Cyntoia Brown's horrific account and sign the petition, because she's your daughter, too.

Sunday, November 26, 2017


This columnist knew that Sears Roebuck once sold scooters, because he remembers seeing them in old catalogues (while looking for the girls in there), but did you know that they also sold motorcycles, as well as cars?

The company used two brands from the information he gathered, Allstate and Pusche, an Austrian manufacturer.

This red bike is from 1913, and Sears actually sold motorcycles into the early Seventies.

Does anyone have one of these can, and can tell us what their performance was like?  Now, granted, Allstates were no Harleys, Indians, or Hondas, but they must have been up to some kind of task to keep the customers returning for the length of time that they did.

Just think back to the 1950's.

If the ad campaign stated that one met the nicest people on a Honda and if bad boys rode Harleys, what about the boy who rode a Sears Allstate to his date?  Could he even score with an Allstate to begin with?  Girls in those days usually went for boys who either rode Harleys, Triumphs, Indians, or BSA's.

When one stops and looks at them, the Allstate bike looked nothing out of the ordinary; just another motorcycle, but could a Sabre do the job and win a girl?  Look at how small the engines were, and I think you'll get the answer to that question.

It's just interesting to know what this retailer used to sell during the course of its existence.  Who knows, Sears may have sold cocaine in the candy aisle back then.  You could get cocaine candy once upon a time for a nickel, so I wouldn't rule it out.

Hey, cocaine candy and an Allstate motorcycle!  That's a good idea!

See the source image

I had so much fun fucking with employees in the automotive department because I pretended to look for a part for this car-and I would cause the biggest yelling and throwing tantrums.  I'd scream for their bosses!
It has been less three days since I changed my password for this.

Did I write it down? Of course, I did, but it didn't matter. I still forgot. I'm writing this via another way. However, I have a new problem now-anytime I think I have a new password, it turns out that it's an old password.

I mean, what the hell do I have to do to remember these things? Nothing works anymore!

I know that the blows I took to the head when I worked at Walmart are mostly to blame for this, as the pallets would break and hit me on the top of my head. However, I also think the seizure which I had a decade ago is a contributing factor.

What is most interesting to me is that I wind up the same problem, even though I write down the new password. I did not have this problem with my memory in the past. What problems I did experienced had to do with SHORT-TERM MEMORY. It was because of this that people said: "You only remember what you want to remember.

The funny part is that those same people couldn't understand why I would become livid upon their assumption-and they still don't.

Here is where you come in.

You may know someone who experiences these problems, so this columnist recommends that you not make things worse by reasserting your false belief that the person with whom you are dealing doesn't pay attention or doesn't care.

That's a clever way of being found by the police in an alley, bleeding profusely in the moonlight.

This person would not feel so frustrated if he didn't care.  Actually, he wouldn't feel any frustration.  It is your prejudice and your assumptions which cause the situation to deteriorate, and it's going to be your own fault if this person puts you in the local intensive care unit, because anyone who makes assumptions should be beaten until they don't move anymore.

The reason why some deserve to be beaten into a state of unconsciousness after making the assumption is because the person you say this to has dealt with this his or her entire life and has heard the same thing.  Furthermore, no matter how severely this person beats you, this person should not be arrested for any crime, as you committed the crime of discrimination.

The Americans with Disabilities Act?  Yeah, you would be rather fucked with a charge of depriving someone of their civil rights, so I wouldn't do anything stupid if I were you.

People snap, so you don't want to be the final straw.  The best way to avoid that is to help those who struggle with their memory problems.

I know that in my own case, calendars and alarms don't work.  Why?  Because every day I wake up, I'm usually a day or two off, and in either direction on the calendar.  This is a direct result of the meningitis I suffered when I was an infant.  The only time I can figure out what day I'm living in is if I have a reference to go by-like what happened yesterday, for example.

I have used day planners.
Clocks don't work worth a damn.
Alarms?  I usually don't remember why I set them-unless it's the same alarm every day.
Routine is the only thing which gives me any chance of remembering anything.

I used to have the same password for everything, because I knew that I would easily forget if I didn't.

It's happened anyway.

Thank you, Syria!

اشكر اي شخص في اليابان الذي راجع بلدي بلوق. 

اسمي جيم روتش  انا أصلا من لوس انجليس ، ولكن يعيش حاليا في ضاحية دنفر.  انا حصلت علي درجه في علم النفس من جامعه فينيكس وحاربت من أجل الحقوق المدنية منذ شبابي ، علي الرغم من انني شاركت في كل الانتخابات الرئاسية منذ 1992 للحزب الديمقراطي.

نجوت من التهاب السحايا كرضيع وكان لها التعلم الإعاقات منذ ذلك الحين ، لكنني تمكنت من كسب درجه النفس بلدي.

هذا الموقع هو عن الوقوف لأولئك الذين لا يملكون الثقة في الوقوف لأنفسهم بعد الآن.

إذا كنت تعرف اي شخص لديه الاعاقه التنموية ويواجه التمييز بسبب ذلك--وخاصه في الفصول الدراسية أو في مكان العمل ، لا تتردد في الوصول لي في



جيم روتش ، كاتب عمود ، محرر ، مصور

اشكر اي شخص في اليابان الذي راجع بلدي بلوق.

هذا الموقع هو عن الوقوف لأولئك الذين لا يملكون الثقة في الوقوف لأنفسهم بعد الآن.

إذا كنت تعرف اي شخص لديه الاعاقه التنموية ويواجه التمييز بسبب ذلك--وخاصه في الفصول الدراسية أو في مكان العمل ، لا تتردد في الوصول لي في


جيم روتش ، كاتب عمود ، محرر ، فوتوغراهيري اشكر اي شخص في اليابان الذي راجع بلدي بلوق.

هذا الموقع هو عن الوقوف بالنسبة لهم الذين لا يملكون الثقة للوقوف لأنفسهم بعد الآن.

إذا كنت تعرف اي شخص لديه أعاقه النمو ويواجه التمييز بسبب ذلك--وخاصه في الفصول الدراسية أو في مكان العمل ، اشعر حره للوصول لي في



私は、私のブロッグをチェックアウトした日本の誰かに感謝します。 私の名前はジム Rousch です。 私はロサンゼルス出身ですが、現在はデンバー郊外に住んでいます。 私は、フェニックス大学から心理学の学位を持って、私は民主党のための1992以来、すべての大統領選挙に関与しているものの、私は、私の青年以来、公民権のために戦ってきました。 私は乳児として髄膜炎を生き延び、以来、学習障害を持っていたが、私は自分の心理学の学位を得ることができた。 このサイトは、彼ら自身のためにもう立って自信を持っていない人のために立ち上がることについてです。 発達障がいを持っていて、それが原因で差別に直面している人を知っている場合-特に教室や職場では、 で私に手を差し伸べることをお気軽に。

I thank anyone in Japan who checked out my blog. 

My name is Jim Rousch.  I’m originally from Los Angeles, but currently live in suburban Denver.  I have a degree in Psychology from the University of Phoenix and I have fought for civil rights since my youth, although I have been involved in every presidential election since 1992 for the Democratic Party.

I survived meningitis as an infant and have had learning disabilities ever since, but I managed to earn my psychology degree.

This site is about standing up for those who do not have the confidence to stand for themselves anymore.

If you know anyone who has a developmental disability and faces discrimination because of it-especially in the classroom or in the workplace, please feel free to reach me at

Deniers Need to be Arrested

First it was states in the American South which wanted to change history by censoring the truth, and now we have those who repeat the lie that Earth is a flat disc.

If you look at this photo, you can clearly see that this is a lie.  However, we do have those tell us that the Moon landing was a hoax.

It's clear to this writer that we need to do something and put these liars somewhere-preferably in prison.  We even have some clown who is a limo driver.  I don't want to mention this guy's name because he doesn't deserve any credit.  However, he has built a rocket to prove Earth is flat.

According to MSN, this guy really believes that the planet is flat!

Flat Earth My Ass!

Now, we have conservatives who simply don't want to pay for college because of things like teaching diversity, according to The Washington Post.

This guy is a former Green Beret (a follower) and someone who basically follows orders without question.  He was quoted in the report: "A lot of Republicans would say they go there to get brainwashed and learn how to become activists and basically go out in the world and cause trouble."

How does one cause trouble when he sees injustice and fights to correct it?

The report said that he had a problem with "junk" degrees, like art (which contributes to engineering) medicine, or law; that those who study about diversity or culture should only be designated to private schools.

Well, given the fact that this man is a conservative, it makes sense that he wants law and a sense of draconian order, for that is how the conservative brain works.  It cannot handle new information and it refuses to accept new people.  I know that all too well from my religious experiences.

Now, I'm not going to name this goose-stepper, but click on the link and you will see him.
He is not alone, as most of the working class voted for Donald Trump, and they have no idea that Trump is going to throw them out into the street.  Do I care for their welfare?  Absolutely not.  That's not because they disagree with educated people, but rather the way in which they disagree with educated people.

Everyone who opposes college, everyone who accepts the flat-Earth idea, and those who want to rewrite American history by transforming Senator Joseph McCarthy into a hero simply need to be arrested.  This is not a matter of free speech.  It is a matter of fact and fiction; of life and death. 

Conservatives want to put us back into the Stone Age. They only question is why? It can't be because they're that stupid. Is it simply a a matter of power?

Remember that those who do not know their history will be doomed to repeat it, so that's a fair review of the right-wing agenda.  If you remember, it was the rich who had all the knowledge and the peasants who lived in fear, praying to God as often as they could.

Conservatives miss those days.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

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Sears….Another One Going Down

 This photo is by Jim Rousch (c) 2017
Sears Holdings closed at $3.82 this week, which reasserts the fall of the 131-year-old retailer.
Did you know that Sears sold cars in 1952 and 1953?
From the Allstate and Craftsman tools to Kenmore appliances, Sears was the one of the main retailers for the American middle class for decades, along with JC Penney and Montgomery Ward.
Penney’s still exists, but Wards went out of business at the turn of the 21st Century, according to the New York Times.

My own memories of Sears were of not wanting to go there (because I figured that where old women went), misbehaving by lying the floor, being grabbed by my arm and reprimanded by my mother, occasionally getting chocolate stars, popcorn, or an ICEE if I behaved myself.
I’m a guy. I did the best I could. However, there’s only so much ‘good’ that a six-year-old boy can fake before he lays down on the floor out of sheer boredom.
All I wanted to do was hang out with my grandfather on the day after Thanksgiving, as I saw nothing in it for myself by being dragged out of bed at five in the morning to go to someplace that bored me nearly to sleep.
My parents bought me my first guitar from Sears in 1984 and my first amplifier in 1985.  It was all they could afford.
Back when I used to flip signs in the early 21st Century, after work, I decided to have some fun with the kids who worked at Sears after I learned about the Allstate sedan.
I did this by walking into the automotive department, where I would request a carburetor for a 1953 Sears Allstate.
“Like, we don’t sell cars,” the kid would reply-and I use the word "would" because this happened more than once.
Being prepared, I would retrieve a copy of the old ad and cause a scene-a rather boisterous one at that:
“Don’t tell me you don’t sell cars here, punk.”
“We’ve never sold cars here.”
The volume of my voice now began to rise.”
“Listen to me, you little shit! My uncle bought that Allstate FROM THIS VERY STORE IN 195FUCKING3! DON’T TELL ME THAT YOU DON’T HAVE THE PART I NEED!”

Again, the ignorant employee would assert that Sears never sold cars, and it was at this point that I would pull the advertisement out of my pocket and sarcastically ask, “WHAT DOES THIS LOOK LIKE TO YOU?! WELL, SON OF A MOTHERFUCKING BITCH IF IT DOESN’T LOOK LIKE AN AD FOR A GOD DAMN SEARS ALLSTATE! I WANT YOUR MOTHERFUCKING SUPERVISOR, DUDE!”


He would then begin to logcate a supervisor and I would make my getaway. This worked every weekend for years-until I made the mistake of asking a senior employee for the same part on same car.
“Son, we haven’t sold cars in years!
“I just happened to ask the one employee in this place who knows that, damn it!”
I never tried that gag again.
I now appreciate those Black Fridays of the 1970s, because I now realize a part of history is fading away…a part of my childhood. I just wonder what’s next to fall.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Up The Scaffold

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Thursday, November 23, 2017


It’s strange to see the Los Angeles ANYBODIES beat the Dallas Cowboys AT HOME on THANKSGIVING, but that’s exactly what happened on Thursday-especially when that team is under .500.  The funny thing is that the Dallas Cowboys are now under .500, themselves.

This goes to show that anyone can beat anyone on any day.  The irony is that I would have made the same statement about my favorite NFL team, the Los Angeles Rams.  I mean, the Cowboys simply don’t lose on Thanksgiving.  That just doesn’t happen.

Isn’t strange how a weaker team can take down a stronger team at home during the day on which that stronger team is notorious for tearing any team a new rectum?

And so as it is with you.

You might not be the strongest person in the gym, the A student in class, or the most productive executive at work, but you might have the ability to take the strong man down when he least expects it, and on his home turf.

Could you imagine how vindicated you would feel and how humiliated your enemy would feel? 

He would be in denial.  He would first deny that it even happened-but there it would be in the records.  However, since our Internet is about to be censored by the Trump regime, don’t worry.  There is always some group of American leftists who ultimately ruin Republican plans for destroying our nation-and the world.

Yeah, it’s just an American football game, and I had absolutely no intention of working today.  However, this was too good to pass up, and I had to inject the analogy into this-even though Americans aren’t supposed to work on Thanksgiving.  

As you read yesterday, this is a celebration for white people, yet it is a day of mourning for the descendants of America’s original inhabitants.  I hope that this nation’s original inhabitants, who are the underdogs right now, can begin an violent uprising and teach us some manners.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Our Celebration is THEIR Mourning

       Let's not forget what this day really is.

     For white people, this is a day of celebration, as the Indians saved the Puritans, who, through their own stupidity, nearly starved themselves.  Squanto saved their asses, and the gratitude that Squanto and his nation received was nothing more than European diseases and racial genocide.

     It didn't take long for the Christians to show their true agenda-murder, rape, and theft; of land, of resources, and of culture.

   By 1675, King Philip (Metacom), Massasoit Ousemequin's son, fought the Puritans and came out of the losing end of the war, and the rest is just a simple roller coaster drop to the floor.   He was beheaded by the British in the summer of 1676 and his people were sold into slavery.

    Whites were never really thankful for much.  They always wanted more than what they had-and they never expressed any qualms about stealing from the weaker.  It is more than three centuries later since King Philip made his final stand, and whites steal from the disabled and those of other of races.

     This is what the white man is-and he does it in the name of his lord and savior (which are intentionally in lower case), Jesus Christ.

    For this is the true story of Thanksgiving; not of giving, but of taking without asking-just ask any Indian nation we destroyed over the past four centuries!

     Is this the "God in America" that the conservatives want?  Then this is not the God we do not need.  We need an Entity of compassion, not of theft, murder, and lies.  However, it may be wiser of us to ignore entities altogether.  All worship does is put us under the spell of a criminal.

    You go and celebrate whatever the hell you want tomorrow.  I may eat, but not in heart.  My spirit with those whom we murdered.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Charles Manson 1934-2017

CNN reported Sunday that Charles Manson died at the age of 83.
He was the leader of the notorious “Manson Family” who killed nine people in four locations between July and August of 1969.

Found guilty in 1971, of first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder, he was sentenced to the gas chamber.  However, the United States Supreme Court banned the death penalty in 1973, which put Manson in prison for life.

According to former prosecutor Vincent T. Bugliosi, these events were first called the Tate Murders before they were called the Tate-LaBianca murders.   Bugliosi said that Manson upstaged the events and they were suddenly called the Manson murders.

According to the CNN report, he was born in Cincinnati to a single teen-aged mother.

Manson said, “She (Manson’s mother) got out of my life early.  I spent the best part of my life in boys’ schools, prisons, and reform schools because I had nobody.”

He learned how to manipulate people into believing that he was a guru as the “Summer of Love” transpired in 1967.  The report went on to state that he shared a house with 18 women.  He promised to love and take care of all who came into his abode.

The Family moved south to Los Angeles, where they recorded the album, Lie.  However, by August of 1969, the carnage began, and the murders were committed.  The eight-month pregnant Sharon Tate begged for her life to avail, and the next night, the Family went to the La Bianca residence and did the same thing, writing the words “HELTER SKELTER” and “PIG” in blood on the walls.

Manson was denied parole every time he faced the parole board.  However, he didn’t seem to mind.  Manson seemed to be more comfortable being the center of attention in his cell.

He was also a great entertainer. 

In his interview with Geraldo Rivera in 1988, Manson declared: “I’m Jesus Christ!  Whether you accept that or not, I don’t care!”

Thursday, November 16, 2017

In Defense of Their Homeland, It is Time For the Lakota To Rise!

In defense of their homeland, it is time for the Lakota to rise and take control of what is rightfully theirs.  Company and state regulators closed TransCanada Corporation’s Keystone Pipeline after it hemorrhaged approximately 210,000 gallons of oil in northeastern South Dakota Thursday.  

Not only is TransCanada Corporation responsible for this crime against humanity, but the Republican Party shares equally in the guilt, as they supported this slaughter from the outset.

This is what the Lakota knew was going to happen as they protested the company’s construction project from its genesis, but does the white man ever consider the consequences or the condition of the land in which they work?

History will give you the same answer every time-no.

In fact, there should be no pipeline there to begin with, as this is sacred land.

I am usually an advocate for the United States government.  However, not in this case.  The Lakota must rise and take back what is rightfully theirs; the land which we stole from their ancestors and destroy before their children can mature into adulthood.  This is a crime against humanity, and both TransCanada Corporation and American government officials should stand trial at The Hague for this atrocity, although I doubt it will ever happen.

President Barack Obama rejected the construction of the Keystone Pipeline, prompting House Speaker, Paul Ryan to object.  He further accused President Obama of going against the will of the American people.

The publication’s article from November 6, 2015 quotes Ryan as publicly declaring, “"This decision isn’t surprising, but it is sickening," said House Speaker Paul Ryan.

No, it is the children of the Lakota who will be sickened, not Speaker Ryan.  Speaker Ryan should be placed under arrest by the United Nations for supporting this operation, as should every Republican who voted in favor of it-including Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, who said that it was only a matter of when it would be constructed, rather than if.

What is it that conservatives tell us every day; that all lives matter?

Here is the proof that said statement is a lie.  This is a crime against humanity, and the United Nations should intervene to solve this problem; not just because a private company destroyed the lives of the Lakota, but because the United States government voted to destroy those lives.   It is almost as if Adolf Hitler moved from Germany to the United States.

Wait a minute….I think he did.
Yes, I call for the Lakota to go to war against the United States government in defense of their homeland.

Brother's Birthday

It's my brother's birthday today, and I wish him the best on it.

I guess that's all I have to print for now.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

There Comes A Woman

There comes a woman once in a crazy man’s life who can bring him back down to reality-at least for a few minutes, anyway.
Remember the girl that Thumper met in Bambi?
How about Adrian with Rocky?
Leia with Han Solo?
I’m out of my mind, but it’s quite possible that the finger has been pointed at me now.
Everyone knows I’m a fighter.  Some people think I’m just a troll on the Net, and I don’t care about that, as I have witnesses who can attest to the fact that it’s not wise to get into my face and it’s a stupid idea to hit me.   I mean, you can probably kick my ass, because I’m not Bruce Lee, but I get right back up to take the next punch-which I don’t even feel.  I don’t even have to hit you to get my way.
I can send your pretty daughter who’s in her senior year of high school straight to the local gentleman’s club if she really wants to go to college-and that’s all I need to do.
I lose a couple of teeth, you lose your house and she loses her reputation, so it’s not worth it.
That’s when happens when someone gets into a fight with me in a parking lot.  I might get my ass kicked, but I heal much more quickly than the reputations of others.
This young lady knows that I will fight for her.  In fact, I would lay down my life for this young woman who is in her early twenties.    I am humbled by the fact that she worries about me, and that’s because I worry about her.
Ah, the Age of the Donald; right-wing dictator and modern-day fascist.
What really annoys me is that I’m one of the few on the left who’s willing to put someone’s face through the windshield of a 1954 Chrysler Imperial-I’ve even been coaxed by a man with autism not to do that a few times to those who said he should be put in an institution.
Windshields, library chairs, bats, it’s all the same to me-just think what I would do for this woman whom I would give my final drop of blood for. I would also do some pleasant things to anyone who makes fun of my niece, as she has cerebral palsy.  Don’t fuck with me, Wigboy.  I know you like to make fun of people with Parkinson’s.
There comes a woman once in a man’s life who does her best to keep her man from giving someone free dental work, and if this goes where I hope it does, the poor Senorita has one hell of a job to do.